VEGA from MedWay Health, the ceiling-mounted supply unit, unites several advantages. It provides for a clear organization of the workplace, increases patient safety and noticeably eases the workload of the user. This system is suitable for applications in intensive care units or recovery rooms, where VEGA helps carrying medical equipment and IV accessories of all kinds.

Your advantages with the VEGA System
  • One- and two-sided corpus
  • Ergonomic and attractive design
  • Comfortable access to gas outlets and electrical sockets with an ergonomic angle of 15° for easy connection
  • Smooth moving Gliders for horizontal moving of the devices
  • Unique CE-Glider with electrical connections to supply equipment
  • Intelligent cable management with our Cable Guide
  • Rails for flexible adaptation of our monitor holders from the Artist series, lights and other accessories
  • Illumination like night light, ambient light and reading/visitors’ light
Lengths, colours and load capacity

VEGA is available in four standard lengths: 2,200; 2,800; 3,100 and 3,500 mm. Special lengths are possible on request. Besides the standard colour RAL 9010 you can choose between different colours for the VEGA bottom cover. Each Glider can carry up to 100 kg. The load capacity of one shelf is up to 50 kg.


B.O.R.I.S. Eco can be equipped with rails from 0.5 meter up to the whole lengths of the bridge. It can also be prepared with an adaptation slot for rails. Rails of different standards and lengths can be integrated into this slot. This allows an individual positioning of the rail in the bridge.


The ambient light and the night light are built in the corpus. They offer a convenient indirect illumination. Straight above the patient a reading/visitors’ light can be placed.

Three Glider variations are available for the device positioning:

Standard-Glider, Infusion-Glider and CE-Glider.

  • All Gliders with maintenance-free and smooth running horizontal bearings
  • Horizontal moving up to the whole length of the supply unit, CE-Glider + / - 0.5 meter
  • Cable management “Cable Guide“ hides needless cable lengths
  • Perfect positioning of devices on flexible Gliders
General Technical data:
Product: Supply bridge
Lengths: 2,200; 2,800; 3,100; 3,800 mm
Measures profile: Width 500 mm
  Height 200 mm
Prof He section: Octagonal profile
Payload gliders: 700 kg (220 lbs)
Payload shelf: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Horizontal rotatability of Gliders: 340°
Operating force (linear and horizontal): < 50 N
Brake power (linear and horizontal): < 100 N
Ceiling mount: By two ceiling frames at raw ceiling
Ambient Light: 2x54W
Reading/Visitors' Light: 220 V, 2x1,5 W LED spotlights
Colour: RAL9010