About company

About company

The "MEDWAY HEALTH" company specializes in design, construction and complex technical equipment of medical and diagnostic facilities, modernization and re-equipment of healthcare facilities. Successful experience in this field allows us to realize projects of different complexity in both public and private hospitals.

During the construction and reconstruction we use complex approach and create a unique program of implementation for every single object, which consists of the most modern technology; all the necessary stages are singled out, from the design, shipment of equipment and materials to the construction, installation, start-up activities, commissioning and service.

We share the care of the medical staff concerning the patients’ health, and, implementing modern technology, we strive to create the best conditions for their work. Thus, we share the responsibility for the quality of medical care in the country, trying to develop national health care.

A distinctive feature of “MedWay Health” is a focus on creative solutions and innovative approach, and also a high readiness to solve urgent and immediate tasks.

The practice of work on the most difficult problems formed a high-professional team ready to cope with a task of any difficulty. Knowledge, scientific researches and experimental developments allow us to offer our customers constructive solutions which combine high quality and maximum efficiency.

“MedWay Health” obtained the right to represent the interests of the world famous manufacturers of medical equipment – from economy to first-class equipment with maximum functionality. We closely follow scientific developments and new technologies, constantly expanding the range of medical equipment supplied directly from the manufacturers.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the manufacturers, we, as an independent system integrator, are free in the objective selection for the site we construct, and create projects which are optimal for the customer and are relevant both to his wish and the realia of the situation in which they shall operate. This approach allows saving both time and money during the construction and use process – our customers get well thought-out projects from one source and communicate on all organizational and technical matters with only one representative, not with dozens of suppliers of all kinds of engineering and medical equipment.

Hospital is a single organism, and the life of a patient depends on a good team work of its staff. As our perennial experience shows, having good equipment is not enough, it is also important to be able to make full use of its resources, and this requires efficient training of doctors and all the medical staff. We provide training on state-of-the-art technologies both at place and, mainly, in the best clinics of Moscow.

All the products we supply have appropriate Registration Certificates, Certificates of Conformity, Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificates and Approval Certificates of Measuring Instruments according to the mandatory requirements of the Russian legislation. All the equipment is provided with guarantee and post-guarantee technical service, including the consultations of specialists.